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SMP Training

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The Feather touch SMP Training Experience


Welcome to Feather Touch SMP, where we offer the most comprehensive and structured SMP training program in New Zealand under instruction by our lead trainer and award winning artist Hayden Ayrton.

Meet your Trainer

Hayden Ayrton

Hey there! I’m Hayden, and I’m all about bringing art to life through Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP). Based out of Wellington NZ, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to learn from some of the best SMP artists in the world, soaking up their wisdom like a sponge. Now it’s my turn to pass that knowledge on to you!

My journey in SMP has been one heck of a ride, from mastering the technical stuff to understanding how to play with tones, Hairlines and facial features. It’s been a blast pushing the boundaries of what SMP can do, turning it into more than just a procedure—it’s an art form that changes lives.

And hey, speaking of changing lives, I even snagged myself an award along the way! It’s a pretty sweet reminder that hard work and passion really do pay off.

Nowadays, I spend my time not only perfecting my craft but also passing on what I’ve learned to budding SMP artists. I love helping others find their groove in this creative field. My aim is to build the Smp community in New Zealand and put us on the map by helping to train artists to the highest standard.

So, if you’re looking to get into the SMP world or just want some more info hit me up! I’m always down for some good vibes and inspiring conversations.

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Course Overview

Part 1. At Home Online Theory

We have a very strong theory component to our training course so we can help everyone become a knowledgeable and skilled SMP artist. Online learning begins as soon as you sign up and course balance is paid, you get instant access! to your practical course dates so you can work through the theory component at your own pace.

Part 2. At Home Machine/Melon Practice

(Start your dot pattern exercises with your machine.)

Part 3. In Clinic (Lower Hutt, Wellington) Hands on Model Practical

(learn how to perform SMP Treatments on real life models under supervision. 4 days practical in clinic)


There is a  pre-requisite for training – you need to hold a certification in Infection Control to work on live models on day two, three & four.  Ideally you must have relevant industry experience in cosmetic or body art tattooing, health, medical or beauty.

Why Train with us?

Award Winning Trainer

With our online learning for theory, at home machine practice and hands-on live model training, you’ll receive unparalleled ongoing mentoring from one of New Zealands best SMP artists, learning the techniques and methods that have made our clinic internationally recognised and award winning for our outstanding results.

Class Sizes | Students : Teacher Ratio

We offer small, boutique style classes for beginners and additional online advanced modules for extended learning. We have mentoring sessions that can be booked in easily upon request if you need further help after training. Each class is limited to just 2 students. Due to this, quite often there may be a wait list to train with us but we offer regular training throughout the year. We have a 2 student to 1 trainer ratio and are never left unsupervised during tattooing.

Ongoing Support & Advanced Learning

Feather touch SMP offers ongoing support with our team to help you once you start treating in your own business. Our students love the online support through our training network which has access to other experienced Scalp MicroPigmentation practitioners. We offer extended learning opportunities through our master classes and advanced training online modules.

What's included in our kit?

New to SMP? We offer a Bishop SMP kit along with some other professional SMP tools to get your career off to the best start.

  • Bishop SMP Pen (Machine)
  • Bishop B-Charged (Wireless Battery)
  • RCA Cord
  • Pigment & Dilution Solution
  • 4 Sizes of Bishop SMP Needles
  • Our favourite Skin Marker for hairline design
  • Hairline Ruler
  • Training and Assessing Work Book
  • Practical At Home Workbook

Our course cost includes your machine, power source, needles and pigments. We offer a number of kit options depending on machinery you may already have. Our web shop is stocked full of SMP specific tools and consumables – only accessible once you have completed your training with us.

What’s included in your course?

Essential Beginners SMP Training | here’s what is Included in Your Training Package:

  • Instant Access to Online Theory 60+ Easy to Understand Modules
  • Instant Access to At Home Machine Practice
  • 4 Days Hands-on Training with expert guidance Ratio 1 Trainer 2 Students
  • 4 Live Models provided for practical experience (2 Long Hair Density, 2 Shaven SMP Effect)
  • Extended learning opportunities through Facebook Support Group
  • Product & Treatment Room Checklist
  • Supplier Recommendations for your SMP journey
  • Photography Set-Up Recommendations
  • Machine, Needles and Power Supply Video Demonstration in 4K
  • Video Demonstration of at Home Machine Practice
  • Client Form Templates
  • 2 SMP Work Books to support your online learning 
  • Laminated Guides and Signs Essential for your SMP Clinic
  • Our students have access to hire our SMP Clinical Rooms to start their business in Adelaide
  • SMP Bishop Machine, Battery Pack, Needles, Pigment and more….
  • Ongoing mentoring

Join our Beginner’s Course and gain the necessary skills and knowledge in Scalp Micropigmentation, regardless of your previous experience. Our inclusive training package covers everything you need to confidently start your SMP journey and build a successful career in this rapidly growing field.

4 Day In-Clinic Practical Training In Wellington

Our Award Winning Artist is here to train you in creating Safe, Progressive and Effective SMP. Over our four day training, we re-cap the most important parts of your Online Learning and teach the SMP Technical Techniques to create natural looking SMP results.

Day 1 – Establishing a Strong Foundation for SMP Success with Feather Touch SMP  Training Academy 

Our trainer recaps the essential knowledge from the online learning and focus on teaching you with the skills required for conducting successful consultations and delivering accurate quotes. Our training dives straight into practical application, giving you hands-on experience with machine practice. You will learn the art of hairline tattooing, master density effects, and perfect the blending techniques that contribute to seamless and natural-looking SMP results. Learn the Feather Touch SMP process of creating realistic and textured effects. Pigment Mixing made easy – no modifiers needed for correction, Choosing the right tones for your clients.

Day 2 – Practical Application and explanations of treating long-hair density for both men and women (2 Models to Work On) The Importance of Pre and Post Care.

Day 3 – Practical Application and explanations of Shaven SMP. We teach hairline design, shaving techniques, blending perfection and maintenance sessions (2 Models to Work On) Business Building, The Right Hair Length for SMP, Needles, Pigments and Machines.

Day 4 – Practical Application and explanations of Shaven SMP. We teach hairline design, shaving techniques, blending perfection and maintenance sessions (2 Models to Work On) Maintaining Wellness and Cultivating Positive Habits in Scalp Micropigmentation. Certificate Celebration and a WELCOME TO OUR AMAZING INDUSTRY!

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