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international Multi award winning artists & clinic

Cosmetic Tattooing

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about your appointment

Your initial appointment includes an in depth consultation where your artist will go over the process of your selected tattoo treatment as well as the styles we offer, colour options and what to expect after your tattoo has been completed and your aftercare.

For those completing Lips, Eyeliner and Areola tattoo we will pre-numb the tattoo area for 30 minutes prior to your artist taking you through to their tattoo room.

Once you have decided on the style, your artist will map the area (for brows they will also wax anything outside of the mapping), once you are happy to proceed they will then begin the first session.

After your treatment, they will show you in the mirror and demonstrate how to care for your new tattoo.

In 4-8 weeks time you will return again for your follow up appointment. During this session your artist will go over the tattoo once more to lock in the colour. During this session they can also make minor adjustments to the shape and colour if required.


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