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international Multi award winning artists & clinic

Tattoo Removal

feather touch cosmetic tattoo

laser tattoo removal & saline tattoo removal

Feather Touch Cosmetic Tattoo is the premier destination for laser tattoo removal and saline tattoo removal.

We are dedicated to providing safe and effective treatments in an inviting and professional environment. Our highly trained and experienced specialist Hayden Ayrton is committed to helping you achieve your desired results.

We offer both laser and saline removal, and we work with each client to develop a personalized treatment plan that meets their individual needs. Visit us today and let us help you feel more confident in your skin.

What's Laser & Saline Tattoo Removal?

Our Laser Removal Specialist Hayden can work with body tattoos and existing brow tattoos. Prior to booking you in for treatment we do request clients send through a photo of their tattoo to so we can provide a quote.

Laser Tattoo removal is a safe procedure used to break up larger ink particles, allowing your body to absorb the tattooed pigment and remove it from your body naturally.

In cases where laser removal is not suitable we are able to complete saline removal which is a gentle, yet effective alternative option to laser removal to help lift any unwanted cosmetic tattooing where saline is implemented into the brows using a tattoo machine. Saline contains salt which will break up the tattoo pigment.

Treatment Overview


15 – 60 mins


Fades over time


4 - 8 weeks

No. of Sessions

Varies based on desired results




12 - 18 hours

Tattoo Removal Service Hayden (Specialist)
Laser Tattoo Removal Pricing starts from $160 per session
Saline Tattoo Removal Initial treatment - $160 per session

*Multiple treatments may be needed


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