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Frequently Asked Questions

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Your Questions Answered

Please read through our most asked questions about our services. Can’t see your question? Get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

Cosmetic Tattoo FAQs

All cosmetic tattoo appointments are completed across two appointments spaces 4-8 weeks apart. Your second appointment is a perfecting visit where your artist will go over the brows once more to lock in the colour, this also allows your artist to make necessary adjustments if required.

On the odd occasion, a third appointment may be required. This will be discussed in your consultation during your initial appointment

Our artists will go over each option with you in your consultation. If you have a look through our list of styles and view our gallery you will be able to narrow it down by personal preference.

Your tattoo is semi permanent and will fade over time however everyone is different in the way their skin holds pigment, skin type and lifestyle can contribute to the longevity of your tattoo.

To maintain your cosmetic tattoo we recommend annual colours boosts which can be completed from 10 months after your last visit. Generally we recommend coming in at the 12-14 month mark after your first cosmetic tattoo, then you can start spacing colour boost appointments out further (for example if you complete the first colour boost at 12 months, then next one you can do 18 months later and then 20 months and so on).

Lips and Eyeliner tattoos last about 5-7 years depending on colour choice but you can come in for a colour boost from 12 months after your last visit.

We have a big range of colours to suit each individual clients natural skin tone and hair colour.

Brows: The brow colour is chosen together with yourself and the artist. Your artist will recommend and show you colours close to your natural brow hair colour for the perfect blend.

Please be aware, if you tint your eyebrows darker and choose to match the tattoo to the tinted colour regular tinting will be required to maintain the colour of your brow hair. The cosmetic tattoo only colours the skin behind the hairs, not the hairs themselves. We recommend to wait at least 3 weeks after the procedure before tinting them again.

Lips: We have a range of colours for you to choose from. Our artists can colour match to a favourite lipstick or gloss you may have or even if you have a photo of a lip colour you like we recommending brining them in to show your artist.

Eyeliner: Depending on what you are wanting to achieve we can start with a soft brown through to an ultra black - please do keep in mind that brown will generally fade a lot quicker than black.

If you are completing eyeliner we require you to avoid wearing any eye makeup the day of both of your appointments. All other make up can be worn.

For Brow and Lip clients your artist will only remove what they need to when completing your cosmetic tattoo

Each client experiences pain differently so we do require clients who are getting their brows tattooed to purchase Emla numbing cream from your local pharmacy, this is to be applied 1 hour before both your initial and follow up appointments. Lip and Eyeliner clients are scheduled 30 minutes prior to seeing their artist for pre-numbing where one of our staff will pre-numb the treatment area.

During your appointments we use anesthetics to numb the treatment area before and during the procedure which makes each treatment pretty comfortable for you.

We manage each client accordingly to keep your tattoo as pain free as possible.

The first two weeks are the most crucial in terms of healing however your tattoo will continue to heal over the next 6 weeks after each appointment. Your artist will go over aftercare with you during your appointment.


It is important to be aware that the first few days your brows and lips will appear darker and bolder than your chosen and healed colour. This is because the pigment hasn't healed under the skin yet. The best time to have a good look at the brow colour is two weeks after your first appointment. The colour will then be much softer and settled in the skin. Your artist will go through the full healing process with you in your consultation.

No, in fact we recommend you to leave them as long as you can prior to your appointment, as you may remove more then we need. Your artist will do a full custom brow shape before the treatment.


Tinting, yes if you frequently maintain your brow colour with tint then we definitely recommend tinting them 2-5 days before. Please avoid having Henna or Hybrid tint within 10-14 days of your appointments.

Unfortunately we cannot do the procedure if you are pregnant. If you are nursing you will need to express for 24 hours after the treatment before feeding again.

Lisa is able to work with existing tattoo work that has been completed at another salon as long as the existing tattoo is light enough to do so. We do require clients to send through photos of their brows for approval to

Please note, in some cases, we may recommend tattoo removal

Unfortunately Cherie is no longer working over other artists work.

Absolutely, Cherie specialises in custom male brows whether you want to enhance your natural brows or have little to no brow hair.

Due to men having different brow structure & face shapes etc. we do request photos to be sent through to us prior to booking an appointment. You can email us at

Absolutely, Cherie specialises in creating custom eyebrows even if you naturally have little to no brows or have lost your brow hair due to alopecia or cancer treatments.

In regards to style, we recommend those who have little to no eyebrow hair to opt for our 3D Nano Stroke and Shade brow. This is the most natural and realistic style eyebrow. Please do keep in mind however that it is not a forever option, eventually you will need to transition to our Ombre or Powder style brow.

Unfortunately, if you have started Chemotherapy or Radiation we would need to wait until 6 months after your last treatment before completing your tattoo.

Definitely! We totally understand why you would be hesitant to jump straight into getting a tattoo on your face so for those who are unsure or nervous we recommend getting our Henna Duo with one of our Brow Bar Artists. Our Henna duo includes brow mapping, shape and henna tint and is most similar to our Ombre and Powder tattoo as the henna will stain the skin for approx. 6-12 days and the brow hair for approx. 6-8 weeks.

Our staff follow the same brow mapping guide as our cosmetic tattoo artists and can show you roughly what the brow shape would be if you were to have them tattooed.

3D Nipple & Areola FAQs

Anyone can have this completed, whether you have undergone a mastectomy, top surgery or are just not totally comfortable with the way your nipples look Cherie is able to create and tailor something for each and every individual person.

Cherie free hand designs each clients areola and nipple tattoo based on their body frame and measurements. If you are only having one side done, she will match the shape and colour as close to the natural side as possible.

Brow & Lash Bar FAQs

Both tint and henna are designed to alter the colour of your hair however both have slightly different results

Tint: Tint is a product activated with a developer and will change the colour of your brow hair for approximately 3-4 weeks and leave a slight skin stain that will last a couple of days.

Henna is a plant based powder activated with water. Henna will stain the skin for approx. 6-12 days and the brow hair for approx. 6-8 weeks. Henna results are most similar to our Ombre and Powder tattoo and perfect for those who generally fill their brows in or are considering having their brows tattooed.

A lash lift is considered a perm for your lashes giving similar results as if you were to curl your lashes with a lash curler. Lash Lift results will last approximately 6-8 weeks.

A Brow Lamination like the lash lift treatment is considered a perm for your eyebrows which will alter the positioning of your brow hair and the way they sit. Achieving a fuller fluffier brow.

Technically yes however the results will vary based on the amount of brow hair you have.

Please do be aware that our brow artists will position the brows in a lifted direction so if you have little brow hair at the base of the brow the lamination may make the brows appear higher or more arched than they naturally are.

If you are unsure, our artists will be able to advise you on the best treatment to have completed when you arrive.

Yes, but only slightly as we are using perming solutions on the brows. As the Brow Lamination is finished with a tint this will put the colour back into the brows so the lightening is not at all noticeable.

Classic Lashes: Are an enhancement of your natural lashes. We apply one single lash extension to one single natural eyelash. We have various lengths which can make your lashes appear fuller and longer.

Hybrid Lashes: Are a mixture of Classic Lashes and Volume Lashes. We start off with a light classic set then we go through and apply fans to the natural lashes we have not applied classics to. This allows us to create super natural but full lashes.

Volume Lashes: The most dramatic lash extension style where fans are applied to each natural eyelash. The more lashes that are lashed, the more dramatic the final result will be, so you have the option of a light volume or full volume set.



Lash Curl

With lash extensions we can alter the appearance of your lashes so we have a few different mapping techniques we can complete when completing any of the sets above.

C Curl: are intended for clients with a slight curl in their natural lash and will create an open-eye effect.

D Curl: are very similar, just curlier! They are intended for a client who wants a dramatic look

Lash Mapping

Doll Eye: This style involves shorter lashes placed on the inner and outer corners, whilst longer lashes are placed along the middle of the eye. This is a great style for monolid, hooded and almond eyes, as it creates a flattering opened-up look and freshens up the face.

Cat Eye: A lash classic, cat eye style features shorter lengths gradually lengthening to long lashes on the corner of the eyes–this mimics the shape of winged liner! Perfect for those with round eyes, the cat balances out the eye shape and creates a sultry look.

Piercings FAQs

Yes. For those 6 years and older all piercings are completed with a single use needle.


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