Each Feather Touch Cosmetic Tattoo client has personalised plan, specifically designed to suit

individual skin types and tones.


Our below cosmetic tattoo gallery showcases our extensive range of services available at our salon.

The most natural brows of them all

feather touch brow tattoo.jpg
feather touch cosmetic brow tattoo.jpg
natural look brow tattoo.jpg
feather touch custom brow tattoo.jpg

Feathery fronts, ending with a strong defined tail

Combination eyebrow tattoo.jpg
combination brow tattoo design.jpg
combination brow tattoo.jpg
combination eyebrow cosmetic tattoo.jpg

Gloss & go wear

custom lip line tattoo.jpg
lip liner tattoo.jpg
lip line tattoo.jpg
custom lip liner tattoo.jpg

Frame those gorgeous eyes

eyeliner tattoo.jpg
eyeliner cosmetic tattoo.jpg
eye line custom tattoo.jpg
eyeliner tattoo.jpg

Combination brows, top and bottom eyeliner, lip line and blend

full face cosmetic tattoo.jpg
cherie feather touch
feather touch custom cosmetic tattoo
Salon Chic-568.jpg



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